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Sometimes I Think I Was Born A Cynic!

This past week I saw the documentary,

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" It is about Mr. Rogers

personality and his popular TV show.

I know the film received good reviews and with good

reason. It was quite well made. BUT I still found myself


gagging over the schmaltzy persona that he always


The most incredible part is that this is clearly who he

was and his philosophy was sincere and deliberate.

I know the show was a fantastic teacher of children;

I know that Mr. Rogers's message was totally in

agreement with the principles I believe in

and try to live by.


Mr. Rogers was actually after my time and way after my

early childhood. Nevertheless, I would still be amazed if I

would have been drawn to his show even as a five-year


At that age, I liked shows like Winky Dink and You, The

Little Rascals, the Mickey Mouse Show, Howdy Doody, and

Captain Kangaroo. Rather sardonic cartoon characters also

appealed to me, like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam

and pretty much all of the Looney Tunes creations. Anytime

that Mel Blanc, genius that he was, provided voices, it was

a real winner for me.

Many of these shows were hardly sophisticated but

certainly lacked the saccharine quality of Mr. Rogers.

Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE his pioneering

and breakthrough message, so certainly need to cut him

some slack. No one else on TV has ever been the constant

champion of human dignity and the abiding belief in the

importance of giving love freely and unconditionally.

The guy even frequently used one of my favorite lines: "I

love you just the way you are" to his rapt audience.

Harking back to the blog/article I shared last week, I really

believe that self-esteem and self-love are a big key to


Mr. Rogers tackled sobering events like Bobby Kennedy's

death, the Challenger disaster and 9/11. He didn't steer

away from controversial subjects like race relations and gay

rights. He represented the good aspects of humanity, a

virtue that seems to be mightily absent these days. Being

compassionate, kind, loving and humane were the themes

and feelings he advocated. Sarcasm and shock weren't

valued; love was. WOW! What a message!

OK, Kathy, I think you need to take another look here! Your

cynicism and self righteousness is quite appalling,

particularly if you were like that as a child!

I totally believe in the inspiring message that Mr. Rogers

communicated so well and how can I ignore his overall

kindness and goodness? I surrender! Mr. Rogers's show was

a great gift to children and adults alike. We should be

thankful for his presence in influencing generations of kids!

I stand corrected.

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Who is Kathleen Pasley?

Kathleen has a life that encompasses numerous

areas of endeavor: writing, fundraising, marketing

and spirituality.

Two things help define her: she has been on

a serious spiritual path for 35 years and has

known serious depressive episodes.

She is committed to speaking from the heart

on spiritual issues and sharing honestly

and openly about mental illness.

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