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Kathy has a life that encompasses numerous areas of endeavor: writing, fund raising, marketing, communications and spirituality. She has had professional experience both in the private sector and the not for profit world. As a pioneer woman leader in America’s insurance industry, Kathy spent 20 years as the highest ranking woman executive in two large corporations. In her work during that time, she became a noted speaker, writer and authority in developing creative marketing campaigns.


Kathy has served as development director in a number of non-profits in Washington, DC where she has raised money for AIDS, women in leadership, mental health for children, and safety for kids.


A longtime seeker, Kathy’s overriding passion is in the field of spirituality. Her avocation for years has been to help people learn a “practical spirituality” – one that leads to more productive, healthy, happy and balanced living and that acknowledges the strength of the mind-body connection. 


In conjunction with a Brazilian healer, Kathy has managed spiritual retreats in sacred places around the world. These have taken place in Brazil, Machu Picchu, Mexico, Guatemala, India and in the U.S. These retreats are for people interested in the spiritual journey, the healing path and ways to access their spiritual side as they step through every day life.


In her writing, she often focuses on spirituality and tools for living in a positive way. Kathy has been on a spiritual path for 35 years and she writes a weekly blog that focuses on spirituality and inspiration, using humor and thought-provoking ideas. Please sign up under Contact Me if you want to be added to my mailing list.

Kathy will soon be coming out with a book called SURPRISE! You ARE a Spiritual Being.


Kathy graduated from Manhattanville College where she majored in English literature. She holds an M.B.A. from Boston University and lives in Naples, Florida.

Photo by Igor Vynnytsky

"Our recovery from depression calls for caring and nurturing of our spirits as well as our minds."

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