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In this small book, A Spiritual Tool Kit, we provide information about some of the practices and principles basic to a spiritual path. The book was created to help you move towards a closer relationship to God. The truth is that we are all on a spiritual journey, whether we’re aware of it or not. If you are a seeker, you can learn in these pages how to utilize some simple tools to further benefit your spiritual path and your everyday life. Similar to exercise, you have to develop your own “spiritual muscles” in order to have a more peaceful, loving and harmonious life.


Both Kathleen and Julie have been following a serious spiritual path (with lots of laughter along the way!) through the majority of their adult lives. Having read scores of books on the subject and having attended many workshops and retreats to deepen their own practice, they are very familiar with all of the tools described in the book. They both send you lots of love and support as you digest the ideas contained here and hopefully utilize them on a daily basis.

  • I need the free, Adobe Flash player plug-in to view the Free E-Book with a "desktop / laptop" browser, how do I get it and install it?"
    Click the link below to get the free, Adobe Flash player plug-in. 1. Download the installer and follow the instructions in the installation window. 2. Quit the browser, so the web page cache clears. 3. Open the browser, go to the Free E-Book web page, and view the Free E-Book. Note: check the browser Adobe Flash player plug-in is active: If using the Firefox browser (version 63.0.1): 1. Click the "menu" icon on the upper-right of the toolbar (it looks like 3, stacked horizontal line). 2. Click Add-ons. 3. Click the Plugins panel. 4. Find Flash on the list and click Preferences. 5. Remove the checkmark next to Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content. If using the Safari browser (version 12.0.1): 1. From the Safari menu list that is in the top toolbar, select "Preferences". 2. At bottom, left columm, check the box thats on the left of: "Adobe Flash". 3. For listed, website(s) on the right panel that end with:, select: "on".
  • I need to view the Free E-Book with a "mobile / tablet" browser; what is available?"
    For iPad: the Photon Flash Player & Private Browser by Appsverse Inc. is available at the App Store: For Android: the Photon Flash Player & Private Browser by Appsverse Inc. is available at Google Play: Note before viewing the Free E-Book: Tap the "lightening bolt" icon in the top right of the tool bar, so it enables the Adobe Flash player. (If necessary when returning to the web page, tap the same icon.) A gear icon is, also, on the toolbar and has optional, features.

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