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Depression and Cutting Yourself Some Slack – Three More Mind Traps

Mind Trap Six: I have lost the best part of myself – even my humor is gone.

You may not be the life of the party at the moment, but you are also probably not as brittle or unpleasant to be around as you might think. You are supersensitive at the moment, but not everybody is noticing your every move as you might think. Sure, it feels horrible to lose your zest for life and your sense of joy, but bleakness is a symptom of this illness. You will laugh again, but don’t try to push it right now.

Affirmation: “I will that I am joyful again.”

Mind Trap Seven: Nobody understands what I am going through.

This may be true. People who have never been depressed themselves have no way of really understanding the experience. But there are probably plenty of people you know who have experienced this illness…you just don’t know who they are. There’s a conspiracy of silence around this disease. In our society we all feel compelled to appear happy and contented all the time. Many people have their ups and downs in this life, so you might be surprised at those with whom you can be open. You can admit your depression to a select group of people who will not consider you a failure.

Affirmation: “There are many human angels who can embrace me and support me during this difficult time.”

Mind Trap Eight: I am a burden to my family and friends. They’d be better off without me.

The people in your life would be very unhappy if you ended your life. They might be in pain watching you go through this right now, but that is nothing in comparison to the guilt, anger and grief they would feel without you. You need to hang on and know that your thoughts about killing yourself do not have to be acted on.

Affirmation: “The people in my life love and need me.”

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