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The Reluctant Expert

Over the last twenty years, I have become a very reluctant expert on the topic of depression. Given the multiple numbers of debilitating depressions I have endured and the severity and depth of despair I have experienced, I consider myself to be a testament to the power of modern medicine, a supportive community, and a strong spiritual practice.

In many instances, when you are a state of depression your body is chemically sick and out of balance, but also your mind is playing incredible tricks on you. Your mind, in fact, is determined to derail and sabotage your soul. While your soul desperately needs healing and acceptance, rather than more abuse, your “ego” mind of fear and negativity has its own agenda. This part of your mind reasons that if it can keep those hopeless thoughts coming and those abusive self-judgments churning, you will never recognize a solution or a way out. The negative cycle will go on indefinitely, or better yet, you will feel compelled to call it quits altogether and end the whole miserable mess, by committing suicide.

Drugs, psychotherapy, family, and friends help most of us, but for many of us, a critical part of recovery can be spending time each day totally bypassing the mind and dealing directly with the soul – the part of you that knows, despite that loud internal voice of condemnation, you are still fine, you are still a cherished creation of the Universe, and you are still totally deserving of happiness and complete peace of mind.

This very real part of you -- the soul -- knows the steadfast resilience and the quiet strength of the human spirit and wants to help you move away from the despairing state of depression as soon as possible. It wants you to heal and continue on the journey and adventure of life.

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