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Depression: A Hurt in Your Soul and How to Heal It

   The Ten Mind Traps of Depression

(This Book Will Be Available Soon!)

"You are not permanently damaged. Your hopelessness will pass. Don’t expect to believe it right now, but this is the truth. Don’t berate yourself for being morose and cheerless or even feeling totally separated from God.  You don’t expect to escape a runny nose or a scratchy throat when you are suffering from a common cold.  Hopelessness, self-criticism, social isolation, and spiritual alienation simply go with the territory of depression.”


Depression is an illness that has reached epidemic proportions, with 15 to 20 million sufferers annually in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, an estimated 121 million people currently suffer from some form of depression. The number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by approximately 20% per year.

In the book, Depression: A Hurt in Your Soul and How to Heal It, Kathleen takes the reader through the frequent thought patterns characterized by a depression. For each mind trap, she writes from personal experience about the resiliency of the soul to remain intact and unscathed and how to utilize spirituality to combat the disease.


Utilizing her personal experiences with multiple depressions and a strong spiritual practice, the author has constructed short, concise chapters in straightforward language that is a manageable read for the depressive; the recommendations for treatment are sound and simple to achieve.

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