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Sneak Preview of the Ten Mindtraps


1. The real reason I’m depressed is my circumstances. When I get my act together again and once these problems are behind me, I’ll feel better.

Just about everybody who is clinically depressed goes through some kind of denial about their illness. Especially since depression usually builds over time and is frequently triggered by personal difficulties and challenges. Be watchful as to whether or not you have gone “over an edge” in terms of sadness and hopelessness and pray for assistance and guidance for the support you’ll need to see you through.


2. I refuse to be depressed. I am a strong person and will be able to overcome this myself.

This illness has nothing to do with whether or not you are a strong person. It is a diagnosable illness of the body and a hurt in the soul. If you had diabetes, you’d take medication to restore your body’s chemical balance. If you were diagnosed with brain cancer, you would consider surgery. If you broke your leg, you would wear a cast until it healed. Don’t hesitate to turn to the medical community and know that, like any other kind of healing, recovering from depression takes time and patience.


3. I will never feel good again. I am not getting any better. I am going to be hopelessly depressed for the rest of my life.

One of the symptoms of depression is an overriding hopelessness that seems to have no end. Many people have experienced these same symptoms and are fine today. When you see only a future of despair in front of you, you are probably wrong. You need to hang on, take care of yourself and trust that the future will be different.


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