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Where Are My Angel Wings?!

I'm an aspiring angel...

but surely have fallen far from the mark.

I'm hardly alone. In fact, there doubtless

are many who fall into my category.

Well intentioned, but having a long way to go!

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an Angel as:

a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence;

one of the lowest rank in the celestial hierarchy.

(Oh no, here I go again, starting at the lowest rung

of the Heavenly order!)

It goes on to say that an Angel is a spiritual being believed to act as

an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally

represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

(Drat. So far, no wings, no halo, and I don't

even own a long white robe!)

Well then, could I be an Angel investor? Hardly! This is a person

who supports a business financially, typically one who invests

private capital in a small or newly established enterprise.

Not yet there on that one!

Just for the record, here's the order of rank in the celestial


There are nine orders according to medieval angelology (put that

in the new word department!): seraphim, cherubim, thrones,

dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.

All are divine messengers from God.

Here I am, thinking I'm reaching for the stars and when I make it to

Angel status, I'll only be in ninth place?! Sounds like my rank order

when a team leader was selecting gym mates to play kickball in the

fourth grade!

But I really do want to be an Angel. I realized about 35 years ago, the

only way for me to start working my way up that ladder was to start

learning about spirituality and spiritual practices.

And I faced that I had to start at the bottom.

I wanted peace, joy, harmony, love and right action in my life. But I

know, from experience, that it takes time, dedication and


to nurture an inner life and to follow a spiritual path.

Marianne Williamson says:

"Ultimately, the search for God and dedication to a spiritual life is a

lifestyle decision. Fill your life with meaningless stimuli and

mindless activity, and you will get just that - a meaningless,

mindless life. You might be successful in worldly terms, but you are

empty and bereft in spiritual terms. To go within is not turning our

backs on the real world; it is preparing ourselves to serve the world

more effectively."

In all seriousness, my personal goal is to become more and more

deeply connected to spirit, to God, to my intuition, to the wisdom of

the Universe and to be of service. I also believe that joy is the natural

state of the spiritually ordered person; it is an internal state of being


emerges from a profound belief in the sacredness of life.

In addition to hoping to enhance joy, my other goals are to:

- Bring my life into a place of harmony and balance

- Wake up to my full creative potential

- Open up to new ideas and fresh ways of doing things

- Learn to interpret events and circumstances optimistically

- Enjoy good health, well-being, and positive relationships

- Reconnect with Nature's cycles and

- Become a ray of light to the people around me

A tall order, I know!

I guess I'll save the Angel bit for when I pass to the other side

Here's a little prayer I'd like to end with:

Oh Lord

I ain't what I ought to be,

And I ain't what I want to be.

And I ain't what I'm going to be,

But Oh Lord, I thank you

That I ain't what I used to be.


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Who is Kathleen Pasley?

Kathleen has a life that encompasses numerous

areas of endeavor: writing, fundraising, marketing

and spirituality.

Two things help define her: she has been on

a serious spiritual path for 35 years and has

known serious depressive episodes.

She is committed to speaking from the heart

on spiritual issues and sharing honestly

and openly about mental illness.

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