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Some Thoughts on God and Depression...Two More Mind Traps

Mind Trap Nine: How can I be suffering like this if there is a merciful God? Why is the world such a horrible place if God exists?

Your depression is not punishment for your shortcomings or proof that God is not there for you. Just because you’re in a dark room right now does not mean there is no light right outside the door. Continue to pray even though it feels like there is no one to hear. Even if you feel like your connection with God is gone, God will understand – above all else, the Universe is about unconditional love, mercy and understanding.

Affirmation: “I know there is another way to look at this and I am willing to open up to what that is.”

Mind Trap Ten: All this spiritual stuff is ridiculous and unrealistic. People are just grasping at straws when talking about the soul, God, deeper spiritual meanings and unconditional love. I may be depressed, but at least I’m not living in a fantasy world.

The filter you are looking through right now is not that reliable. You are in a depression that makes everything seem to have a black cloud around it. You don’t have to do anything now to change your mind – but don’t rule out the possibility that God will change it for you.

Affirmation: “I stay open to the idea that there is a power greater than myself that can lead me back to sanity.”

A final affirmation that always helps me when I start sinking into the “abyss” was written by Ernest Holmes:

“I know that God is within me.

I know that the spirit within me is perfect.

I enter into Its peace and am secure in Its protection.”

Always remind yourself that you are a Divine being, much loved by God and that there is always the hand of hope reac

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